Next Meeting: Dec. 3: Grace Lutheran Church!!!
The group had a great meeting on Saturday. It started out with introductions. We welcomed a few visitors: Julie from Boulder Creek, Tricialynn from Milpitas and Kathy from the Pennisula.
Introductions were closely followed by Kate, our guest speaker and the founder of the Blankets for Babies project for the NICU at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford. Look for a full account of the lecture in a separate post. Key notes are:
  1. Quilts should be 30″-45″
  2. Stay away from sensitive themes, e.g. religious, political.
  3. It is okay to label quilts
  4. Quilts should be super soft
  5. Colors should be cheerful, light and fluffy. Don’t have to use pastels
  6. Check for pins. No buttons or embellishments

Guild Business

  • postage stamp blocks available. 
  • Arrow blocks available for assembly into quilts. 
  • 110 quilts have been donated to date: 53 to the NICU, 19 for Sunnyvale fire victims. Others have been donated to JW house, Twice Loved, Pulse, and other local charities in need.
  • Charity Sew Day coming up on the first Saturday in February. The donated precuts will be available to use.
  • There will be fabric to cut after the January meeting and the charity girls need your help
  • Cat Beds: Amanda will be turning over the running of the cat beds project to Angela. Angela will need help with distribution. Talk to them about helping. The last batch of cut cat beds were distributed at the meeting

Workshops: Many thanks to Angela for her hard work
Guild Library: Kelly will be turning the library over to Leeann. If you check out a book, please leave an honest review on Amazon.
Challenge: Minimalist challenge will be due in December.
Coffee: Nicki has added decaf and hot cocoa. If you want something else, let her know. She doesn’t deal with the food, so if you bring snacks and they aren’t eaten, please take them home again.
Free table: if you bring something for the free table and it isn’t taken, take it home again.
Holiday Meeting: Allison and Mary are coordinating food. If you want to bring food, coordinate with one of them. the Holiday meeting will be at Grace Lutheran. 10-1 will be sewing and 1-5 will be the party and the meeting. Bring your Holiday Swap/ gift exchange item for your swap partner.
Quilty Happenings: First place winners from the county fair are being displayed at the new county courthouse in Redwood City. SFMOMA has a modern graphic exhibit of Frank Stella art that will inspire your quilts.
Days for Girls project: Patti is coordinating sewists who can follow directions to make washable feminine hygiene liners for girls without the means to buy such items. She will provide kits and needs careful sewing of the items. She will provide you will precut fabric and directions. More information is on their website.

Officers for 2017
Co-Presidents: Rhonda and Gerre
Co-VPs: Mary C and Amy M
Treasurer: Claire (for 6 months) after which Nancy A will take over
Charity: Michelle & Peggy
Membership: Annemarie
Swaps: Cheryl
Blog manager: Jaye (Jaye needs a helper. Please get in touch!)
MQG Liaison: Mike
Sew Day Coordinator: Mary C
Librarian: Leeann
Photographer: Christina T and Diana L.
Space: Geri
Retreat chair: Bonnie
Retreat Committee: Amy M. Mary C., Christina T + a couple of others your editor didn’t catch (so sorry!)
Random Number Generator: Cheryl

Thanks to everyone for offering their time!

Ruth provided her expertise on matching and aligning triangles in a presentation followed by a demo after the business meeting.