Color My Quilt
     — Explore another member’s color palette
     — Explore colors outside of your typical selections
     — Experiment with design in a group setting
Each month we explore a color palette of that month’s Colorist.
Each participant creates a chunk that matches the palette
More details on the Bay Area Modern Forum and Blog
The Colorist creates a set of 25 packets to had out at the meeting with the following information:
     1.  A set of small fabric swatches representing the color palette
     2.  A theme, concept, or idea in words and/or photos to inspire a direction
Each participant goes home and makes a Chunk using that color palette with the following rules:
     1.  No design requirements:  improv, regular block anything goes
     2.  Use your own stash, use any scraps you might have
     3.  Stick to the palette:  no new colors except in very small amounts in a print
     4.  You do not have to use all the colors in the palette
     5.  Minimal size of each side:  5”
     6.  Maximum size of any side:  20”
     7.  Add your name on a piece of paper / fabric and attach to your chunk
     8.  Post photo on Instagram #colormyquilt
Follow on meeting:
     1.  Each participant brings their Chunk to the meeting
     2.  After the meeting, we can play and discuss design ideas together
     1.  Owns the design and the chunks
     2.  Will most likely need to add to the collection to complete the design
     3.  Is free to cut, modify or not use any chunk of their choice
     4.  The design will be a challenge!
Repeat each month till we run out of members who wish to be Colorists.
Members will use the Ning Forum to sign up Colorists for the month. Pick a
month, and talk to Karen about adding you to the list.
January:  Karen
February:  Cheryl
March: Kelly
April: Gerre
May: Annemarrie
etc… till we have no new Colorists.