January Meeting Minutes 1/21/17

Welcome & introductions
Theme of the year- scrap attack
Co-vice presidents- Mary Craven and Amy McDonald
President- Gerre

Question of the day: If you could be any pre-cut fabric, what would you be?
Fat Quarter, a scrap, a jelly roll- “because they are nice and thin”, cherrywood color pack, kona
charm pack, layer cake, odds and ends bundle, a charm pack because  I’m so charming, a
whole bolt, a remnant- leftover from last year, a bolt of baby fabric,  a layer cake- chocolate-
sometimes bittersweet, scrap bag,

More introductions
Anne Marie- membership,  Claire- Treasurer
2017 Dues- Claire transitioning to Nancy this year, dues pay by cash or check here $40, after
next board meeting a budget can be presented

Upcoming Dates and Activities
Sew days- 2/4, 3/4, 4/1, 5/6 
Meetings- 2/11, 3/18 (at Grace Lutheran)
2017 Coordinators & Volunteers
Cheryl- swap coordinator, random # generator
Claire and Helen-  challenges
Jaye- note taker, blog
Peggy and Michelle- charity
Mary- sew days
Angela- cat beds
Nikki- coffee room mother
Kelly- librarian transition to Lee Ann
Bonnie- retreat coordinator

Sew Days
10-4ish first sat of every month
3149 Waverly, Grace Lutheran Church, Palo Alto
Don’t need to bring iron, ironing board or cutting materials

Ongoing projects
Cat beds- Angela in charge, has supplies if needed, will need help distributing.
Charity- Variety of options- postage stamps, 10-12 kits need taken home for finishing, half
square triangles, need help cutting after today’s meeting for 2/4’s sew day- 32 baby quilts
planned.  Chuck and Mike brought 10 fleece blankets for donation.  156 were donated  by guild
last year.
Lending library- closed today, will be here on 11 Feb. meeting.
Retreat- no date or venue yet, look for questionnaire for venue preference
Text challenge- due in Feb. see Karen for details
Tooling lending library- any interest? See Claire
Challenges for 2017-
3-4 over the year, First one starting in Feb. all working with scraps. Bring scraps to share in
February- more details to come in the forum
Small groups-
interest groups that meet after the main meeting
Slow Stitchers- hand sewing of all kinds
Desire more groups to be started, let Amy know if there are more that exist that need announced

Member led workshops
2/5 South Bay Area Modern (Santa Cruz) – Zipper Bag project-  sign up sbmqg@gmail.com $20
if non-member of that group
Speakers and workshops
Seeking local ideas for teachers, difficulties in scheduling 2017 speakers at this point in the year
Member-led workshops- if you can teach and want to, let Amy know.

New Series
Get to know your neighbor-
nominate your fellow members to be interviewed for a few minutes at a meeting

Quilty Happenings
Joy-Lily- featured speaker at SF quilt guild- 101 quilts later and what I’ve learned
777 Geary- guest fee 2/21- will post on the forum

Homemade bags were present to 2016’s outgoing officers- Gerre, Lynette, Claire, Joelle

BAM Merit Hexies “like Merit Badges- but different!”- Gerre
How do you earn: wear name tag, charity work, cat bed work, participate in swaps and
challenges, charity prep work, outside community events (for example- days for girls,
volunteering in meetings
There is checksheet to indicate how you have earned some for that meeting.  Ziplock bags
provided to label with name and can be left at meetings if desired, or you can take them home
after each meeting
Details posted on the forum.

Color my world- Karen
Group activity, Color palette exploration,
How does this work- each month explore a member’s color palette, presented with a small
swatch of these colors, present a theme inspired or related to the palette, other members can
then take home swatch and using their own fabrics and make a chunk to be given to that’s
month’s presenter
Details  posted on the forum

Truck Show- Ruth Beeby presents

Giveaway drawing
Show and Tell