Scrap Attack! is our guild theme for the year. Helen H & Claire F are challenge coordinators for the year.They will be creating fun and provacative challenges around the Scrap Attack! theme this year.

This is a brief summary of the presentation about the challenge:
Why scraps?

  • Environmentally sound
  • imple Living/Spiritual choice (less is more)
  • Inspirational (especially if someone else’s scraps)
  • Fun
  • Challenging

APPROACH: What reflects you – can be random, improvisational or structured/architectural. Examples of both were shown at the meeting.

ORDERING: Try different things and decide what works for you. Examples:

  • Ruth cuts all into standards sizes and shapes
  • Claire sorts by shapes but doesn’t cut down; has separate containers for rectangular, triangles, orphan blocks, strips, odd sizes/shapes. 
  •  Some people cut certain sizes, such as 2.5″ squares, 5″ squares, 2.5″ strips, etc
  • Others sort by color

Can further refine by size or color. Throw UFO’s, old linens & clothing into your scrap mix if they work with your style.


  • Don’t need to use all scraps at once, apply same color rules you use for new projects
  • Replace solids with tone-on-tone (“acts-as-solids”) in color of your choice
  • Similar or contrasting intensities, pattern sizes? Apply same rules as for new
  • Choose palettes thoughtfully, let them reflect your own sensibilities.
  • Small projects (journal covers, block centers)
  • Make new fabric by sewing scraps together and cut shapes for a project from this new ‘fabric’
  • Crazy quilt
  • Show off scraps with single color sashing or field background
  • Cut ugly fabric into small or skinny pieces
  • Consider embracing randomness and improvisation
  • Think architecturally/structurally
  • Consider “slash” techniques
  • Level of effort? “How much do you love the recipient?”
  • Line up varied sized rectangles by size, sew, trim ends with ruler for an elongated quadrilateral.
  • Match with opposing angles strip for new rectangle
  • Resizing rectangles to desired size using cross ratio math or, graphic arts diagonal method.
  • Surface 18” X 24” or larger
  • All scrap or stash
  • Rectangles or squares are dominant feature
  • Colors & patterns that please you
  • Due April 2017 Meeting