by Erin M.

It’s happening again: the annual BAMQ Destash party will be May 20th at our meeting.  Come one, come all, It’s really fun!

It’s spring cleaning time in your sewing room, craft drawers, and quilty bookshelf. Bring along the items that you no longer need. Bring as much as you like but at least a small bag of stuff.

When you get to the meeting, there will be a table designated to drop off your bags and boxes – no peeking! We will have a couple of non-participating volunteers empty all of the containers and return them to you (so label your bags and boxes with your name – taped or pinned on is fine).

When everything is ready we will do a count of three and then participants get to sprint to the goodie pile to load up containers.

Stuff to bring:

  • Fabric of any kind and style. If pieces are small, it works better if you bundle them together or place them in a clear bag (see scraps below). You don’t really need to make ‘em pretty but a rubber band or string would be helpful to keep things from getting too out of control. Upholstery weight fabric is fine too.
  • Fabric scraps packaged up so that they don’t make a mess – a ziploc is fine.
  • Patterns
  • Craft/sewing/quilting magazines & books
  • Notions
  • Other crafty stuff that you are done with: yarn, paper, felt, scrapbook supplies, etc.

They say “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” but please refrain from bringing things that are everybody’s trash. No tiny, loose scraps of fabric or batting – bagged scraps are great. No damaged, stained, or worn fabric unless it is usable vintage. If it’s not in donatable condition, just toss it rather than bringing it.

Again, you can bring as much as you want, or just a small bag of stuff. Folks who brought items will get first go at the table, but when they are satiated, peeps who forgot will also get a chance to help themselves. We have a couple of volunteers who will be taking the leftover items for donation.

Help Needed:
1.  I would appreciate up to 3 more attendees who aren’t bringing fabric to help set out fabric during the first half of the meeting.

2.If anyone is interested in being in charge of taking home the leftover items, please let me know. I ask that you do something responsible with them but am not picky about what you do- donate them to another organization, use them all yourself, share with another quilting group or whatever else you’d like.

Thanks to the St. Louis MQG for this awesome idea! And to Ruth for creating the original post.