We had a great meeting on Saturday. Hope you were able to make it. Here is a recap:

1. Question of the Day: What size cut of fabric do you buy if you will stash it (don’t have a specific project) and you don’t know what you will use it for?

As per usual, there were a myriad of answers and the answers changed as people heard the answers and logic behind the answers of other members. Most notably was the ‘yard and a quarter’ answer. Catherine W said she buys a yard and a quarter because it is square. Many members who followed her said something along the lines of ‘well, I usually buy a yard, but may change that to a yard and a quarter’. Other answers:

  • 7 people buy half yards
  • One person had a good reason for buying 5/8 yards
  • One person said she buys 3/4 yard of small scale prints
  • Another person buys 3/4 yards in general because she can’t do anything with a half yard, that turns into 16″ by the time it is washed and trimmed
  • That same person said she buys 1 yard of prints
  • Many people buy 1 yard in general, especially if they are shopping online
  • By the time everyone had introduced themselves, 1.25 yards was very popular
  • 4 people are confident in their purchases of 2 yard cuts
  • One person said 2.5 yards of a big print
  • 3 people said 3 yards
  • 3-4 yards of Kaffe/Philip Jacobs flower prints
  • One person said 4 yards if it is a staple
  • 4-6 yards, which shocked your editor, was not an uncommon answer
  • 5-6 yards is easy to buy online, because you don’t actually see what is in your basket
  • 6 yards also came up more than once
  • One member commented that you can make anything out of 7 yards!
  • Some ad an extra 1/8th just to get a bolt discount or to get free shipping when shopping online
  • Others buy what they can afford
  • Some have no rhyme or reason to their purchasing patterns-they just buy what they feel like buying
  • Some buy more in person, others buy more online
  • One person only buys for a specific project
  • A few people are on fabric diets and are trying to use up their stash
  • A few people mentioned that they change their amounts based on how good the sale is

2. Dues are DUE in January. Look for more information coming soon.

3. Technology survey

The Executive Board was very grateful to members for taking the time to fill out the survey created by Christina and the Tech group. 49 people out of 60 paid members responded. That is a phenomenal response.

4. Executive Board and Elections
Member-at-Large is a position that represents members on the Board and supports members in various aspects. Elections were held and the following people were elected:

Meeting Organizer (President): Gerre D.
Events Organizers (VP): Mary C and Amy
Treasurer: Nancy A
Member-at-Large: Alison

There were no nays or abstentions.

5. Other Volunteers
Blog content: Pam
Challenges: Sue S
Guild Tech Admin: Tim H
Guild tech Chair (head of committee looking into a better, more integrated tech system): Tim H
Hexinator: Cheryl
Library: Lee Ann
Ongoing Outreach Coordinator (pet beds + coordinating getting items such as pillowcases to where they need to go) : Shoshanna
Photographer: Marty and Cyndi
Random Number Generator: Cheryl
Retreat Committee Chair: Bonnie
Sew Day: Mary C.
Swaps: Shoshanna and Rhonda

6. Merit Hexies

Gerre announced a few new Exclooooosive merit hexies, including for giving a trunk show and the call for quilts for Las Vegas.

Gerre asked if people wanted to continue the merit hexies into 2018. People were unanimously in favor.  She said she needed help and some members agreed to help make merit hexies.

7. Small Groups in 2018: new groups will be starting:

  • Color My Quilt design group
  • SJSA hand stitching projects will be added on to the hand stitching group

8. Calendar and Quilty Happenings

Nov 30: last day to enter quilts in QuiltCon
Dec.2: Sew Day, 10-4 at Grace Lutheran
Dec.9: Sew Day and Winter Extravaganza Party, 10-4 at Grace Lutheran
Jan. 27: Local Quilt Shop Day

9. Charity

  • 35 pillowcases were made at Sew Day. Thanks to Karen M. for bringing her serger and serging many pillowcases. Thanks to everyone else who helped that day and participated in the assembly line. The organizers plan to make 5,000 pillowcases so every child gets one. Many more are needed.
  • an additional 15 pillowcases were made and brought to the meeting to be donated
  • Quilters in Petaluma are seeking blocks in 6×6, 9×9 and 12×12 sizes to be made into bed sized quilts. They can be sent to: Sonoma Strong C/O NorCal Sew & Vac, 909 D Street, San Rafael, CA 94901
  • 164 quilts have been donated to our charities this year
  • 25 walker bags were donated this year
  • Charity patterns are now posted on this site. Find them on the Charity page. Michelle and Peggy have created a new pattern, which will be available soon. In the meantime, take a posted pattern and make some quilts! The group will be making Chevron blocks before the party on Dec.9
  • There are a lot of quilts to be quilted, so grab one at the next meeting.
10. Color My Quilt
Melinda received several  chunks/shards/blocks in the raspberry, blueberry and blackberry colors she requested.
Michelle-Nicholle’s Color my Quilt shards will be due in January. Check the forum if you did not get a sheet.Gerre has posted most of the colors and prompts.
11. Giveaway
Michelle B won! Yay!
12. Challenges: Strip Challenge
The strip challenge was due at the meeting. People showed their challenge pieces at Show & Tell. Jaye won the award for the best reaction. She made a donation top from the leftovers of her Carpenter’s Wheel quilt and someone pointed out that it was strips, so it counted for the challenge. She didn’t even realize it and was thrilled.
13.  Holiday Party Sign-ups
If you were not able to make the meeting and want to bring something for the party, please contact Alison.

14.  Holiday Swap

Sign-ups are closed and assignments have been sent out. If there is a problem, talk to Cheryl. If you signed up, be sure to make your item and a pillowcase for wrapping and bring it to the Winter Extravaganza party

15. Other
People want pictures associated with forum accounts so they have an easier time putting names together with faces. If you need help with the forum, see Alison.

Nancy Zieman passed away on Tuesday November 14. Her obituary is posted. She leaves a large family and a legacy of sewing behind. Make donations in her name to Wisconsin Public Television in lieu of flowers.

There was plenty of time after the meeting to socialize. Thanks to everyone who helped make the meeting a success.