It’s that time again, time to start preparing for the Destash Party, or Restash, depending on your perspective!  One of our popular BAM events, this is a chance to get rid of fabric, tools, notions, books, and other crafty supplies you no longer use or need. As a bonus you go home with all new ones!  

Start cleaning out your current stash and gathering up items you want to rehome, because at our October 2018 meeting we will set it all out by type and those who brought items will get first dibs.  As always, anything left over after the initial grabbing, pushing, shoving and general mayhem will be up for grabs to anyone in attendance at the meeting with slightly less mayhem.

Anything not taken by the end of the meeting will be donated or cut up for cat beds, so no waste and you go home with new fun stuff to play with!

So start cleaning!