Guild Officer Positions and Responsibilities

These positions are voted on by the members every year.

Meeting Chair (President) (Member of the Board and Executive Committee) – responsible for meeting content, officiates meetings and is the official face and highest authority level of the guild. Works with the Board to maintain and change as necessary the Guild Bylaws. Oversees Volunteer Coordinators.

Events Chair (Vice President) (Member of the Board and Executive Committee) –  responsible for non-meeting activities like field trips, workshops, and holiday party. Backup to the Meeting Chair with regards to authority. Coordinates (he/rself) or appoints & manages people coordinating special events. Workshop duties include signing up attendees (which may be coordinated with the Technology Administrator). Multiple Guild members may hold this position.

Treasurer (Member of the Board and Executive Committee)- Reports to Meeting Chair & Events Chair. Prepares and manages Guild budget for the calendar year. Performs all Guild accounting functions and maintains Guild financial records. Prepares annual Statements of Financial Position for the Guild.  Assists with preparation of Guild tax returns and State charitable organization filings. Collects the sign in sheet and reconciles it with the membership as well as data required for tax reporting.

Member at Large (Member of the Board and Executive Committee) – A Guild volunteer that sits on the Executive Committee to provide input from the guild members as well as provide a tiebreaker vote if necessary. Facilitates the nomination process for Guild Officers.

This position will be expanded to include facilitating guild activities.