The board meeting minutes are included here for your review. I will be gathering my thoughts on next steps for the guild and hope to communicate them soon. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns you may have. My direct email is mariawarmerdam at hotmail. I look forward to interacting with all of you so very much.



Bay Area Modern: A Quilt Guild

Board Meeting Minutes

June 27, 2020


*Karen Maple, Co-President
*Maria Warmerdam, Co-President
*Cyndi Williamson, Vice-President
*Rhonda Ludwico, Treasurer
*LeeAnn Feeney, Pet Bed Coordinator
*Joelle Lambert, Challenge Coordinator
*Peggy Ludwico, Community Quilt Coordinator


I. Set the schedule for the rest of the year. 

Discussion of possible speakers for the remainder of the year.
*Christina Cameli has been enthusiastically recommended and she is available to do a lecture in September or October. Action Item: book Christina Cameli for September or October, depending on the availability of other speakers
*We discussed other potential teachers based on listed “favorite modern quilter” information and results of survey that indicated strong interest in design and use of color. Heather Black has a class called “Create Balance and Depth” that looks very promising. Action Item: contact Heather Black for pricing and availability information, continue to solicit input
*A request was made to include a POC (person of color) on our speaker schedule. No specific teacher was offered.  Action Item: solicit input and brainstorm potential teachers that fit our guild interests who is also a ‘person of color’

*Joelle will announce a new challenge at the July meeting.

*Maria will continue with the “mini-lecture” series and has a topic planned for the July meeting.

II. Talk about mission statement.

Discussed whether the purpose from the bylaws (see below) could serve as a mission statement for the Guild. No consensus was reached. Action items: solicit further member input about whether a mission statement would help guide guild decisions and culture.

Current Bylaws (for reference)

-Meet monthly to develop and encourage the art of modern quilting.
-Work with other guilds and groups with a similar purpose.
-Encourage new quilters and other fiber artists interested in non-traditional projects.
-Offer educational opportunities through classes, workshops, retreats, and sharing of information.
-Support and provide opportunity for “charity” or other works that give back to the community through the use of modern quilting skills.

III. Talk about social justice.

This topic was added to the agenda to solicit member input on whether there was member interest in increasing opportunities to engage with sewing/quilting in solidarity with social justice causes (such as the Social Justice Sewing Academy). Guild members have been involved in many projects in the past (e.g. 25 Million Stitches-in support of world refugee crisis) Discussed whether the Guild should publish a social justice statement and how the membership should be involved  in that decision. A wide range of opinions was offered on this topic and considerable discussion ensued in an attempt to reach some consensus.

A request was made for the Guild to make a specific statement to strongly and unequivocally affirm the guild’s support of the Black Lives Matter issue in particular. We discussed whether it would be a good time to craft a mission statement to express the guild’s commitment to a range of social justice issues and to affirm our policy of inclusion more generally rather than to single out one issue as more important. A range of opinions was offered and one member offered that a ‘generic support statement’ would not be sufficient.  A request was made by that member asking that we discontinue discussion on the topic as a consensus was not emerging and that request was honored. No consensus was reached.  Action Item: continue discussions and solicit additional member input


IV. Where to send community quilts.

Because hospitals and nursing homes are not currently taking in quilts, suggestions were made for other organizations that might accept quilts.  Action Item: Peggy will contact other organizations including OneLife Counseling in San Carlos.