Hi All,

Just a reminder that the final payment for the Denyse Schmidt class is due by the meeting this Saturday, November 17th.   If you are signed up and have changed your mind please let us know asap so we can offer your spot to the next person on the waitlist. 

If you have already paid the $50 deposit, you owe a balance of $90 which includes the price of the pattern (everyone needs to have their own copy).

If you have not yet paid the deposit, your payment is $140.

If you want to purchase the acrylic templates from Denyse, they are an additional $45 and she will bring them to the class along with the patterns.  At this late date, there is not a guarantee that she will have enough templates to cover anyone who did not already tell me they wanted one.

Deposit for Jen Carlton Bailey of $25 is also due by this weekend.  The balance for her class is due at the December meeting on Dec 1.  There are 4 spots left.

Mary and Nancy will be the folks to talk to at the meeting this Saturday about the above, since I will not be at the meeting.